User Accounts

Normal User Accounts

When you have forgotten your password, you can reset it yourself. If you have any other problems with your normal user account, please contact Helpdesk either by phone +358-2941 55555 or by email .

Visitor Accounts

Visitor account aka ‘’HupNET-lupa’’ is a temporary user account for visiting researchers. With it, visitors are able to use Alma, HUPnet and library databases, as well as the booking system for the gyms, and WEBoodi if necessary.

Visitor accounts are not always needed. The staff and students of the member organisations of Haka identity federation can log in HUPnet with so called Shibboleth authentication.

The users of the member organisations of eduroam can connect Helsinki University wireless network using eduroam network. See Further information.

When needed, the visitor accounts can be created at Further instructions (in Finnish) are here.

Group Accounts

Group accounts are special accounts, which are used for example for administrating moderated mailing lists, or for maintaining web pages of research groups. These can be requested from Mikko Toriseva.