Computing Clusters at University


Picture of Alcyone Cluster. © 2012 Tomas Lindén.` Picture of Korundi Cluster. © 2009 Tomas Lindén.`

The Kumpula Campus of the University of Helsinki is among the largest users of scientific computing in Finland. The capacity needed for this is provided by CSC as well as local Linux clusters.

There are two computing clusters for physicists at University. Kale cluster has been in production use from early 2015, and Alcyone cluster from early 2012. Alcyone is our first departmental cluster with GPGPU capabilities. The earlier Korundi cluster was on duty on 2009-2016.

Cluster name Type Owned and operated by Account administrator In use Status 15x Alpha EV6 ~ 700 Mhz Dept. of Physical Sciences Kai Nordlund Feb 2000 - Jan 2005 Retired in Jan 2005 64x AMD @ 2.13 Ghz HIP, Dept. of Physical Sciences Kai Nordlund Sep 2003 - Jun 2010 Retired in Jun 2010 132x AMD Opteron @ 2 GHz HIP, Dept. of Physical Sciences, Dept. of Chemistry Kai Nordlund Nov 2004 - Jun 2011 Retired in Jun 2011 50x Intel X5450 @ 3 GHz HIP, Dept. of Physical Sciences, Dept. of Chemistry Antti Kuronen Feb 2009 - Retired in Dec 2016 138x Intel X5650 @ 2.66 GHz and 40x nVidia Tesla HIP, Dept. of Physics, Dept. of Chemistry, Dept. of Comp. Science Antti Kuronen Feb 2012 - In production use 68x E5-2680v3 @ 2.5 GHz, 4x E7-4830v3 @ 2.1 GHz, 2x nVidia K80 University of Helsinki Antti Kuronen Jan 2015 - In production use
magnesium 16 x AMD64 @ 2.4 GHz Dept. of Chemistry, Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish Mikael Johansson Jan 2005 - In production use 60 x Pentium classroom computers KuKa Kai Arstila Nov 2002 - ?? Retired