Disk Service

This page is under construction! The facts are more or less straight, but the info should be rewritten to be clear.

Department has an own file server, which is connected to alcyone cluster via fast Infiniband connection. Besides of the cluster, the file service is available also to all AD workstations, ie. to the machines which are joined to University AD. All normal Windows and Machintosh machines are joined to AD, and the linux machines should be joined in April 2013.

The file server is backupped nightly on the departmental backup server, but no history data is currently saved. So, we try to ensure that the files are safe, but currently we can not restore an older version of any file.

The aim is to allow reseachers to e.g. visualize the results of cluster computations without copying the files between the cluster and workstations, but naturally the service can be used to anything which is allowed in the Policy. The same in Finnish

The file service is visible also outside of the University network via login.physics.helsinki.fi machine. Each user has 10 GB quota on the server by default.

Usage In University

These instructions are only valid for machines, which are joined to AD. For non-AD machines, see instructions on Usage at Home <athome> section instead.


If the file service is not visible, you have to map a drive letter for the network drive. From Start menu right-click Computer and choose Map network drive. In the new window enter the Folder \\ad.helsinki.fi\dept\phys-data\ and choose Reconnect at logon. If the machine is in AD, your directory should now be usable under Computer without any further password dialogs.


The personal directory is at /data/people/username in those Cubbli machines, which are joined to AD. If the directory is not reachable in AD Cubbli, the most probable reason is an unvalid Kerberos ticket. Just say ‘kinit’ to fix that. In non-AD machines, see Usage at Home.

Mac OS X

From Finder choose Go -> Connect to Server. Enter Server address smb://ad.helsinki.fi/dept/phys-data/ in the dialog and click Connect button. If the machine is in AD, an disk image link of your directory should now be on the desktop.

Usage At Home


Use WinSCP to copy files to and from login.physics.helsinki.fi/data/people/username


One can either use scp to copy files to and from login.physics.helsinki.fi/data/people/username or mount the directory under some convenient mount point using sshfs. The command for the latter is sshfs -C login.physics.helsinki.fi/data/people/username mountpoint, where username is the username, and mountpoint is a local empty directory used as a mountpoint.

Mac OS X

Use scp to copy files to and from login.physics.helsinki.fi/data/people/username. If anybody is willing to write instructions of using sshfs in Mac OS X, please contact fyl-helpit@helsinki.fi.