The Helpdesk takes care of all standard workstations and laptops of personnel, and the network. The most notable exception are the laptops of students, which are under Departmental administration. Helpdesk also looks after (most of) the printers, and maintains normal user accounts. If you have any problems, please contact Helpdesk, and they will either solve your problem or forward your request to the relevant experts.

If the Helpdesk is not serving you well enough, you can contact to the Manager of the Kumpula Campus Services, Jukka Hienola.

IT Staff of the Department

Each division has one or two persons who are responsible of those IT matters, which are not taken care by the Helpdesk. These persons are usually postgraduate students, and the staff is in constant flux, but all of them can be reached via email fyl-helpit (at) Even if you happen to know the present person of your division, it might make sense to use the above role address instead of personal addresses, because e.g. the vacation substitutes are only reading the email list.

The Helpdesk has promised to forward your requests to the departmental IT staff when necessary, so in principle you only have to remember the Helpdesk contact info / (02941) 55555.

In practice routing doesn’t always work, so if you know for sure that your problem will eventually be handled by the departmental IT staff, you can contact them directly by using the mailing list fyl-helpit (at)

If there are any issues in the IT services of the Department, you can contact the Laboratory Manager Pekko Metsä.