There are two kinds of printers in the Department. Those with a red-white Yliopistopaino label are owned by Unigraphia and administrated by the Helpdesk. The rest are our own, they are administrated by the IT people of the Department. All printers have a queue on the AD print server, i.e. they can be used in a normal way from machines which are part of the AD. All of the normal Windows and Macintosh computers are part of the AD, and the linux machines should be joined to AD before the end of April 2013. From non-AD machines the AD queues are accessible via WPR.

The AD queues can be found using e.g. street address or a substring of the queue name as a search term at the Add Printer tool of the operating system, and in similar fashion from WPR.

Our own printers, i.e. those without Yliopistopaino label, have an additional queue on the print server These queus should be visible on Cubbli-machines with names like fyl-ps2a etc, if the CUPS configuration is Ok. If not, please contact

Unfortunately, currently the only way to print from linux to Yliopistopaino printers is still WPR. WPR instructions for Cubbli are available. As soon as the Cubbli machines are joined to AD, the AD queues should be visible on them also. We will update these instructions accordingly ASAP when we know more.


Physicum printers by location:

Location Machine AD queue CUPS queue
Paja Xerox Phaser 4510 KUM-60401-Ktyopaja-XeroxPhaser4510 N/A
A202 Xerox WC5645 KUM-60401-A202a-XeroxWC5645 N/A
A212 HP LJ 4250 KUM-60401-A212-HPLJ4250 fyl-ps2a
B203-204 Xerox WC7232 KUM-60401-B203-XeroxWC7232 N/A
B203-204 Xerox Phaser 3600 KUM-60401-B203-XeroxPhaser3600V_EDN N/A
C210 Xerox WC7232 KUM-60401-C210-XeroxWC7232 N/A
C210 HP LJ 4100dtn KUM-60401-C210-HPLJ4100 N/A
C308 HP LJ 4650dtn KUM-60401-C308-HPCLJ4650DTN tfl-ps6
C308 Xerox WC7232 KUM-60401-C308-XeroxWC7232 N/A
C308 Xerox Phaser 4510 KUM-60401-C308-XeroxPhaser4510 N/A
D307 HP LJ 2300dtn KUM-60401-D307-HPLJ2300 joki-ps
D314 Xerox WC5745 KUM-60401-D314-XeroxWC5745 N/A
D314 Xerox Phaser 6130 KUM-60401-D314-XeroxPhaser6130 N/A
B412 HP LJ 4650dtn KUM-60401-B412-HPLJ4650DTN atm-ps3c
B412 Xerox WC7345 KUM-60401-B412-XeroxWC7345 N/A
B412 HP LJ 4050 KUM-60401-B412-HPLJ4050 N/A

Accelerator laboratory printers by location:

Location Machine AD queue CUPS queue
K134A HP LJ CP2025dn KUM-60301-K134A-HPCLJCP2025DN ohjaush-ps
135E HP LJ P2015dn KUM-60301-135E-HPLJP2015DN kl-control-ps
102A Xerox WC7232 KUM-60301-102A-XeroxWC7232 N/A
102A HP LJ 4700dtn KUM-60301-102A-HPCLJ4700DTN klo-ps

Dynamicum printers by location:

Location Machine AD queue CUPS queue
1D19b HP LJ 4700dn KUM-60901-1D19B-HPLJ4700DN atm-ps8c
1D19b Xerox WC7232 KUM-60901-D09B-XeroxWC7232 N/A
1D19b HP LJ 4200 KUM-60901-D09B-HPLJ4200 N/A

Printing Posters

Department has a 36”/42” capable poster printer. Illustrated usage instructions are available. If you have to print a poster using departmental printer, please ask help from fyl-helpit(at) The IT-person of your division should answer and help you with the task.